New Year Resolutions




I know we are now in March and everyone set their New Year Resolutions nearly 3 months ago but I thought I would share mine with you. I’m trying my very best to stick to them all but some seem to be a lot harder than others. I set myself 14 goals and here they are..

  1. BE HAPPY – This was the most important one for me. I really do believe that everyone needs to try and be as happy as they can because we all do only have one life! But I do also understand that sometimes it can be very hard to stay happy when different events happen in your life. My goal is to be happy, genuinely, intensely and consistently happy  by the end of this year!
  2. MAKE THE MOST OF MY DAYS – I want to be more adventurous with my days. I usually spend a lot of my days off laid about doing nothing. I want to experience and try out lots of new things this year.
  3. CONTINUE TO BE ORGANISED – I have always been a very organised person but this year I want to make sure I always stay organised by planning my weeks in my new organiser. I want to know exactly what I am doing so that I feel more relaxed – this is important to me.
  4. DO MORE WITH MY FAMILY – Family is very important to me. I don’t spend enough time with them and this year I’m going to start! I arranged a meet up with all my cousins in January and it really made me realise how much time we go without seeing each other.
  5. SAVE MONEY – This is something I am really bad at! As soon as I get money I spend it so one of my goals this year is to try and save money.
  6. LOOK AFTER MYSELF – I know this is some thing everyone says at the beginning of the year but I really do mean it. I have been doing a lot of reading about improving your self and become a better person and I found out that to have a healthy mind you need to have a healthy lifestyle – and that is what I plan to do! I have already joined the gym which is a massive step for me, I plan to set up my own diet plan too, as I am not good at following other diets!
  7. SET UP A BLOG – SUCCEEDED! – and here I am! This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and I have finally committed to it! I just need to make sure I stick to it and blog as often as I can.
  8. CREATE MORE HOBBIES – When I was little I had a lot of different hobbies but I realised recently that I now don’t have any, which kind of upset me! So this year, I am going to try out new things and see what I enjoy!
  9. READ MORE/WATCH YOUTUBE – I want to learn more about the world, my general knowledge is shocking! So this year I have decided that I will try and learn something new every day by reading or watching about a new top. It also gives me extra things to blog about too!
  10. GO TO THE CINEMA MORE – I love the cinema but I don’t go often enough. This year I am going to make the time to go as it is something that I really love to do. Even if I do go on my own!
  11. PLAN WORLD TRIP – I want to see the world! Again, it is something everyone says but I 100% plan to visit as many places as I can this year around work.
  12. BUY A CAMERA – I have wanted a camera since I started studying Media at university but could never afford one with being a student and having to pay for everything else. Now that I am working and earning money I want to save and buy a camera.
  13. GET BETTER AT ARTICULATING MYSELF – Recently I have become a lot less confident and I have become very poor at articulating myself. This is something I really need to work one but I’m not sure just yet how I will succeed.
  14. RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY – I really want to do some sort of run this year for charity. The heart foundation is a very important charity to me after losing my grandad and I really hope to raise some money for them this year. I might even do a skydive!

So there they are, my 14 goals for this year. I may have been a bit adventurous setting myself that many but I am definitely going to try my very best to complete them all! What were your New Year Resolutions this year? Comment yours below.

Bye bye for now,

Emily Jane


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