My Top 5 TV Programmes.

I don’t really watch much LIVE TV due to not having enough time and my job. I am always watching on catch up or watching series on Netflix. I would definitely recommend getting Netflix, it’s really cheap and it has some really great TV series and films on it. Below are my top 5 TV programmes of all time and again I really do recommend all of them!

This show is just AMAZING! Everything about it is fantastic in my opinion. It is so cleverly put together with amazing cast members and fantastic plots. This new contemporary adaptation on Sherlock Holmes has really been displayed to its full potentional with top-notch graphics and technology. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman work brilliantly alongside each other and do really make the show! I love the character of Sherlock Holmes and how he’s portrayed to be so mindbloggly clever. Hats off to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss for their very very clever writing I say!

Dexter really is a great TV series. I am currently half way through the last of 8 series and I really do not want it to end! It is about a sociopath that kills murderers by cutting them up into pieces (I know sounds crazy) but it is so fascinating and a really great story. It is so tense and builds suspense brilliantly, you are left wanting more after every episode. Definitely one I would recommend, you really do get hooked on Dexters life!

I’ve always loved Emmerdale from being little as my family have always watched it. I think it has always had the better storylines and stood out to me more than the other soaps. It is of course made in Yorkshire (where I grew up) so that may be another reason why I enjoy it so much. I may also now be a little bit bias, as I have been working on the soap for the past 6 months, how lucky am I?

This used to be my favourite TV show. I was so upset when it ended in 2012. I loved the safari aspect of this programme and all the stories surrounding the animals. It really was a great series that  me and my family really enjoyed watching on a Sunday night. There was never a quiet moment at Leopards Den, always lots of drama.

Who doesn’t love friends? I must admit I wasn’t someone who religiously watched it when it first aired on the TV so I’m not a really hard core fan. I watched them all on repeat whilst I was at university and I absolutely loved it! Episode after episode following the lives of six best friends. I loved all the dramas, fights, excitement and adventures they went through. I would really love for it to return for a reunion.

So there’s my top 5 TV programmes, what are yours?

Speak soon,
Emily Jane

*image used is not my own.

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