I Need New Hobbies.

I haven’t really got any actual hobbies at the moment. All I really do religiously is catch up on my TV. I used to have quite a lot of hobbies when I was younger. I was out every night doing something. I had dancing 3 nights a week, I played an instrument and I went swimming. It actually hit me a couple of weeks ago whilst talking to my grandma, that I actually have no hobbies anymore!

So I’ve decided to start learning new things in the hope that something might stick. I don’t want to have to tell people I don’t have a hobby, that’s boring! I decided to look into things that interested me. I thought about how much I miss university and writing so I thought I’d start a blog, and here I am! I also love taking pictures, soAfter lots of consideration, I bought myself a camera! I’m also currently looking into photography courses so I can learn how to do it properly too. The two actually fit together nicely. They complement each other and I can make them work together which is great! I am so excited to start.

I have also started planning trips around the world in a scrapbook so I guess you can count that as a hobby aswell. Once I have got somewhere with it I’ll share my new desire for adventure with you. My Nannie has also recently got me into knitting, and its actually quite therapeutic, i’m loving it. As you can see I like all things creative!

I think hobbies are important to have, something that can take your mind off work, something that can just be for you. I think it’s important to do what you love. What are your hobbies? Has anyone got any unusual ones that I could try out?

Let me know,
Emily Jane


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