My Gym Gear.

I started the gym a month ago as I finally realised that I need to get into shape and increase my fitness. I had been eating healthy for a while but I wasn’t seeing any affect so I thought I had to start taking action. I loved sports in school but I have never been the type to really enjoy working out, so I must admit it has been a real challenge for me. I thought if I am joining, I need to look the part so I searched for the perfect gym gear for my current figure! I also really only purchased the essentials and then I mix and match with different t-shirts. Here is what I went with ..


Sports bra ยฃ7.99 from H&M, leggings ยฃ22.99 also from H&M but I did get them about 5 weeks ago now, so they may not be available anymore. Although they do have a massive range in store at the moment. I think nearly every shop has jumped on the band wagon, with it being the start of the year and everyone wanting to get fit.

I am currently searching for some more gym gear as I have surprised myself and actually stuck to going to the gym. I hope to continue going because I am actually really enjoying it. And I don’t quite think one outfit is enough! Can you recommend any good and fairly cheap places to buy gym stuff?

Please comment below,
Emily Jane xoxox


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