New Wall Decoration.


 Just a tiny little post to share with you my new wall decoration that I’m so proud of! A couple of weeks ago now I randomly decided I wanted to decorate a wall in my room. I searched Pinterest for hours trying to find the right thing to match my current decor and I couldn’t find anything for so long but then I came across a lovely little idea and decided to try it out. Here it is!

Not a brilliant picture but it was hard to get on to show off the lights lit!

I just thought it was something so personal and completely special just to you.  It was really simple to put together and very cheap too! I bought the fairy lights from eBay for £5.99 which were a bargain! These were lights that came with lots of settings so they can flash on and off, sparkle, come on in sections and all sorts. You can get fairy lights anywhere nowadays though, you don’t need special ones for it to look amazing! I ordered some really cute little clips from Wilkinson’s of all places. They were £2.99  and you got 20 pegs. The pack included floral hearts, butterflies and dragonflies which I thought were super cute and very unique too. I then printed some pictures for free on ‘’ and I was ready to go..

I stuck the fairy lights up with white tack which can be carefully hidden and then simply added the photos to the pegs and clipped them on. I now have a beautiful wall display with some of my favourite photos of family and friends. I really do love photos and I absolutely adore this wall decoration idea. It looks so pretty! Why not try it out? It’s so cheap and looks beautiful. What do you think?

Emily Jane


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