DISNEY Lego Mini-Figures.

A couple of months ago now I started collecting the ‘Disney Lego Mini- Figure’ collection, and I’ve finally completed it! There are 18 in the series and I personally think they are super cute! But I just love everything Disney. They come in little packets that are sealed so you don’t know which character you are getting: it’s a great little surprise! This obviously made it very difficult to collect the whole series and I did have lots of duplicates but it’s all part of the fun! The little surprise you had when opening a packet was great, ha! It’s the little things..

Each individual packet was £2.50 so it was quite pricey for the whole collection. And the frame was £25.00 shipped from America. I’ve also bought a specialised frame for them all online too, here it is..

Not the best picture but the best I could get with the glass being there! 

How cool does that look, it makes a lovely little wall decoration, I personally love it! A very simple but great idea that I just wanted to share with you. If you want to collect them yourself or you have older children that love Disney just like me, head to your local Disney stores, Sainsburys or WH Smiths to collect your first packets! I can assure you it will add a little fun to your day.

Lego have other series too, it’s a great idea! Check them out: http://www.lego.com/en-gb/minifigures

Bye for now,
Emily Jane

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