HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Trends & Treats: Part 4 

I’ve saved the best until last! You can have a party without the special little Halloween food treats can you? I’ve never tried to make any Halloween food but if I had the time I definitely would have tried! Why don’t you give these a go and add them to your buffets tonight? They seem pretty simple. There’s some cheeky drinks in there too!

1. Word cookies – these are very simple but look great and you can write whatever you wish on them.

2. Pepper Pumpkins – cut out the faces and then fill with chicken strips and anything else you desire, they look fantastic and probably taste good too.

3. Chocolate bats – how cute are these, made with just Oreos and reeves cupcakes and jellies for the eyes. Get making these cuties.

4. Needle shots, shots, shots – something different to enjoy your shots. I absolutely love this idea.

5. Carrot pumpkins – a little healthy treat to add in there ha! I’d only use them because they look cute no other reason!

6. Vampire blood cocktails – enough said COCKTAILS, who says no to cocktails?

7. Strawberry ghosts – these ones are strawberry ghosts which I would love but I thought you could always turn them into marshmallow ghost instead if you prefer a more naughty snack.

I really wish I was having a party to make all these treats. Please let me know if you get round to making any, I’d love to see a picture of them on your Halloween table too!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Emily Jane




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