Nothing ever goes away..

I was sat planning for my blog this afternoon and I suddenly realised that I hadn’t done my ‘Sunday Motivation Quote‘ blog last Sunday and I couldn’t believe it! I’m so sorry, I go and promise something every week and then I don’t do it! So here’s this weeks quote.. 

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know’

Last week was a very important week for me. I realised a lot of things and let’s say I came to my senses, finally! (I won’t go too much into my life!). I came across this quote on Pinterest and it completely explains the situation, so its perfect for this weeks quote. 

No matter what you are going through whether it be personally or someone close to you, it will eventually teach you a lesson of life. Some people won’t believe this, and if I’m honest I would have been the exact same before last week. We wonder why we suffer and why certain things affect us so much and then when time passes we all wonder why we let it bother us so much; I’m right aren’t I? Everyone goes through that stage of upset, hurt or worried but in the end, no matter how long it takes, it does always get better, and this quote explains why. 

It must take people longer than others to come to the realisation, as some suffer more and longer than others but we have all got to hold our hands up and say that we always learn something from the bad things that may happen. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with this statement/quote but I personally totally believe it is right. Finding out the problem of what’s hurting us or solving what’s wrong always leads to us feeling some sort of relief and therefore learning something new. This is just something I believe personally, it may not work for everyone. 

It’s something for you to think about, it certainly happened to me last week, and I’m feeling great.. 

Keep smiling! 

Emily Jane xo 


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