BLOGMAS #12: Secret Santa Ideas.

Last Friday was the day we exchanged Secret Santa presents at work, it was so lovely. The thought that went into everyone’s presents was amazing! There were some really get presents been opened around the office, some personal to each person and others general Secret Santa favourites. I had so much trouble with mine to begin with, I had no idea what I was going to get for my person but then my mum came up with the perfect idea.

I thought with there being two full weeks left at work before Christmas, I’d share with you some Secret Santa ideas that you could use if you haven’t done yours yet. There’s always a small budget so these ideas are £10 & under. They are also presents that would be suitable for anyone, because you might not always know the person you pick out at the office personally..

A Christmas Night In Hamper (This is what I did!): I thought this was such a lovely idea for someone, it’s something that hopefully everyone would enjoy. In my box I included a hot chocolate glass with hot chocolate sachets in it, some marshmallows, chocolates, a candle, a bath bomb, a little bottle of red wine, some slipper socks and some candy canes. But you can include what ever you want, but try and think of things to fit with a Christmas night in!

14000 things to be happy about Book: Give someone that positive vibe by giving them this motivational book. It may help them get through a very depressing January. You can buy it here.

£10 Cinema Gift Card: I love this idea, and very nearly went with it! I think it’s something different and everyone enjoys the cinema right?! Pay for their next trip to see their favourite film. You can buy them here.

Yankee Candle: This is always a safe option! Everyone loves a good candle especially if it smells like Christmas! There are so many different scents on offer here.

Phone Cases: I know this does come down to personal taste most of the time but there are some generic ones out there too! Coconut Lane have some lovely ones.  (Some are a little pricey but there are some below £10.00 and you could always look somewhere else ☺️)

Marks & Spencers Treats: They have some really great ideas on offer this year, from little games to bath salts, check out their website.

Alcohol and chocolate always goes down a treat if you wanted something simple too. Have you taken part in Secret Santa this year? I’d love to see your ideas!

13 days to go..

Emily Jane xo

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