BLOGMAS #18: Gift Wrapping Ideas.

I love taking the time to think of how I’m going to wrap up my gifts each year. I always look for inspiration online, mainly on Pinterest to try and find a theme for each years wrapping. I love them all to match in some way, and of course look as pretty as possible. I know people just tear off the paper straight away and usually aren’t bothered but I think people do appreciate a good looking gift. I know I do!

I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping so I am still toying with ideas on what theme to go with this year. I wanted to share with you a few ideas I have come across on Pinterest, which maybe you might want to use too..

Brown, White & Gold. – This is a very classy theme that I am warming towards the most. I haven’t done anything like this before so would love to try it out.

White & Silver. – Again another very elegant theme but I think this is more suited to just female gifts.

Brown & Red. – I love the different designs available for this one and I love that they all match so well. Something different yet so simple.

Gold & Brown. – This one is so pretty and would stand out over other presents. Something I may use to wrap my grandparents presents.

Copper. – This is very popular this year. There are loads of different designs out there using copper, and they are great! I may stay away from this one this year and try something different.

Maps. – I love how unique this idea is! If I can get my hands on any paper like this I will definitely go with this theme.

Have you seen any wrapping ideas that are classy & pretty? That’s definitely what I am after this year!

7 days to go..

Emily Jane xo


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