BLOGMAS 23: Gingerbread House 

Me and my little sister had a really lovely Christmassy day yesterday. We spent the morning shopping for last minute Christmas gifts and then we spent the afternoon making our gingerbread house. We don’t get many days where we are both not working so we wanted to do something special and as its something we have never done before and have always wanted to do, we thought making a gingerbread house would be a perfect way to spend the day!

We did cheat a little bit and bought a ‘Help to Make’ one from a sweet shop in Meadowhall but it was still good fun decorating it. It cut out all the faffing of getting each piece to fit perfectly together and waiting forever for it to be cooked and ready to decorate! I highly recommend getting one of these kits. I have seen them all over the place; in places like NEXT & Debenhams.

In each pack you get: Four ready made sides to the house, a gingerbread tree, two gingerbread men, a packet of smarties, some hard boiled sweets, some soft sweets and a packet of ready made icing. It was FABULOUS!

It took us about 45 minutes to decorate and we had so much fun doing. It is a very intricate and challenging job to try and keep it all together. We did have a good laugh! I highly recommend getting one of these packs. Maybe make it a challenge for one of your 12 days of Christmas!!

I’m afraid I can’t share any pictures just yet as we have been keeping it a surprise from my auntie and grandma and we would hate for them to see it before Christmas Day!

Have you given one of the packs a go? Or have you made one the normal way? I’d love to see pictures! I will add mine to this post on Christmas Day!

2 days to go.. 😁😁😁😁

Emily Jane xo
*The gingerbread house in the picture is not mine! From google images.

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