BLOGMAS #24: Christmas Eve Traditions.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE!! I can’t believe how quickly it has come around! It doesn’t feel two minutes since the 1st December. I am feeling super proud of myself that I have actually stuck to doing BLOGMAS. I really didn’t think I would manage it! I did have a few that were a little late because of being busy with work and so many parties but I didn’t skip them, I managed to get them in. I am so so happy that I have, it proves I can do it if I put my mind to it. And I will make this blog work. I have really enjoyed it, it’s given me so much more motivation to blog more too, which makes me so excited for the new year of blogging!

So for the last BLOGMAS of 2016 I am going to share my Christmas Eve traditions with you. I have so many fond memories of Christmas Eve growing up, we had a solid routine that we followed and we loved it each year. We have even kept it going as we have got older too! 

We would always leave wrapping presents until Christmas Eve morning. When we were younger we would sit with each parent wrapping up what we had got for the other one and for all our other family. Now we spend the time separately wrapping all our presents ready to take them off to all our relatives. We then deliver them to family members and spend an hour or so with each one. I love this every year. It makes us feel so Christmassy, we feel like Santa delivering presents ha! 

We then spend the afternoon playing games such as Monopoly and Cludeo before we head out for the evening. Every single year we either go to the Local Panto or we visit the Cinema. This has always been a tradition of ours and we have never missed a year! We also pick a place to eat afterwards which varies from year to year.
Before heading to bed to wait for Santa to arrive we put on our new Christmas Pjs and sit and watch a Christmas film with a hot chocolate. What more do you want on Christmas Eve evening? When we were younger we used to do the norm and put out treats for Santa and sprinkle fairy dust on the step so he could find our home! I miss being a child..

Although we are all grown up now, Christmas Eve always feels special. It really does have a different feeling to it I think. We make such a day of it and we love it. Time with family, eating and drinking, visiting the cinema and giving presents is what we love to do. I always enjoy Christmas Eve, it’s one of my favourite days of Christmas! 

What do you get up to on Christmas Eve? Anything special? I’d love to know your family traditions.


I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas, and I really hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts throughout December! 

Lots of love

Emily Jane xo

4 thoughts on “BLOGMAS #24: Christmas Eve Traditions.

  1. I love your traditions! I have heard many people say they get matching PJ sets for the family and I want to start doing that. Normally we open presents at midnight and stay up until then watching Harry Potter movies, but this year we have my aunt and uncle visiting so I have no idea what we’ll get up to! It should be fun 🙂 Merry Christmas Eve!!!


  2. Aw these are such nice traditions! I always want to visit a local panto at Christmas time, but my family and I always forget to book something! 😛 I do go to the cinema every Christmas Eve though instead, so that’s something.
    Christmas Eve is my favourite time of the the year (more than the big day itself), and I love reading about your traditions 😀


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