POP UP Cinema.

Last weekend me and my sister went to a Pop Up Cinema Event at Whirlow Farm in Sheffield. This particular showing was ‘The Lion King’, one of my personal favourites! The evening was set up by The Village Green Events Company who are based in Sheffield and the North. I had heard about the company from a friend and I couldn’t wait to give one of their events a try! And I absolutely loved it, it was a great experience and such a fun night.

It was £12.00 a ticket which basically secured you a seat at the screening and it was worth every penny. The screen was set up in one of the barns which on its own seemed to be such a great idea but a highlight for me had to be that we got to sit on deckchairs! How amazing is that! There were over 200 of them set out in the barn waiting for the film lovers to arrive.

This was taken before it started showing the pop up screen.

We arrived around 7:00pm and the farm was already buzzing. We were greeted at the front gate by two lovely ladies that welcomed us and explained where we needed to go, they couldn’t be anymore welcoming and kind to us, it was very nice to see. There were three separate businesses outside the barn selling food and drinks too. There was Street Food available from Whirlow farm themselves, ‘Nether Edge Pizza’ and ‘Livvys Ice Creams’. Me and my sister went for the pizza, of course! Who wouldn’t when it’s one of those little fire ovens that’s making it?! Everyone knows that pizza always tastes better cooked this way! This was another great moment of the night!

We really should have arrived earlier but we wasn’t aware of just how popular the event would be! We finally found two seats which were ideal for us with the perfect view. We sat down, with our pizza and snuggled up with a blanket to watch the film, which started at 8:30pm. What more could you want on a Saturday night ey?!

The atmosphere in the barn was fantastic! Everyone singing along to the well known Lion King Songs and in general having a ball. I would say everyone in the room had a great night, everyone even cheered and clapped at the end. It was really lovely to experience such a high sense of community between everyone.

The experience was just great, it was something completely different to anything we have ever experienced before and I will definitely be attending again! It was just my idea of a perfect night out. A Disney film, pizza, snuggled up on a deck chair in a unique and completely different location, it was fabulous!

Huge congrats to ‘The Village Green’ Team, they put on a really outstanding night which was enjoyed by all. I really cannot wait for the next one, I can’t recommend them enough. If you want something different, something unique to attend, and a real night to remember, make sure you visit their next event!

Take care,
Emily Jane

DISNEY Lego Mini-Figures.

A couple of months ago now I started collecting the ‘Disney Lego Mini- Figure’ collection, and I’ve finally completed it! There are 18 in the series and I personally think they are super cute! But I just love everything Disney. They come in little packets that are sealed so you don’t know which character you are getting: it’s a great little surprise! This obviously made it very difficult to collect the whole series and I did have lots of duplicates but it’s all part of the fun! The little surprise you had when opening a packet was great, ha! It’s the little things..

Each individual packet was £2.50 so it was quite pricey for the whole collection. And the frame was £25.00 shipped from America. I’ve also bought a specialised frame for them all online too, here it is..

Not the best picture but the best I could get with the glass being there! 

How cool does that look, it makes a lovely little wall decoration, I personally love it! A very simple but great idea that I just wanted to share with you. If you want to collect them yourself or you have older children that love Disney just like me, head to your local Disney stores, Sainsburys or WH Smiths to collect your first packets! I can assure you it will add a little fun to your day.

Lego have other series too, it’s a great idea! Check them out: http://www.lego.com/en-gb/minifigures

Bye for now,
Emily Jane

Inside Disney Parks – Episode 1.

I have wanted to learn more about the Orlando Disney parks for a while now, so what better way to learn about them than on their YouTube channel? I have recently come across their new episodes of ‘iNSIDE Disney parks’ which discusses all the new rides, shows and facilities in the parks. I thought this would be a great start in widening my knowledge and I wanted to share some of the things I have found out. You may want to catch up on everything NEW coming to the parks in the near future too! The channel I found the new episodes on was the Official ‘Disney Parks’ YouTube which I subscribed too a couple of months ago, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/user/DisneyParks

iNSIDE Disney Parks – Episode 1.

They have released a few more episodes now but obviously I went back to episode one to find out what they were all about. I found out that it was a ‘first-of-it’s-kind’ video series which showcases what’s happening at the parks right now. It discusses all the new experiences that are going to be available at night this summer, new ones such as:

– Animal kingdom: The Tree of life Awakens! – A new digital high spec display of animals projected onto the tree. How exciting is this, Disney really is coming into the 21st Century!
– Kilamanjaro Safari After Dark: The Safari will now be opening through the night due to new lights and animation added to the setting, so visitors can enjoy and experience what the animals do at night.
– The Jungle Book- Alive with Magic: A new show inspired by the new film.
– Discovery Island Carnival: A new carnival that will travel across the island at night. With colourful costumes, live music and lots of dance!

And the old, most popular attractions such as: Expedition Everest a popular roller coaster attraction,  Cali water Rapids and Primeval World. Who doesn’t love them?

It also gives you a sneak peak into Disney’s BRAND NEW Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It shows you plans for each of the lands and discusses the hottest new attractions planned, such as the Slink Dog Dash Roller Coaster and the Alien Twirling Saucers.

A BIG Announcement which has now been available from the end of May is a new attraction at Epcot, supporting the new film Finding Dory. Guests can now meet some of Dory’s friends at the ‘Turtle Talk with Crush’ convention. The video also includes an EXCLUSIVE interview with leading star of the The Jungle Book, Neel Sethi who plays Mowgli. He discusses behind the scenes of the filming of the film, detailing what he enjoyed most and what was the most challenging aspects of filming.

A personal favourite from this episode was the time lapse of the making of the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom. There’s some outstanding facts that have never been told before, it’s definitely worth a watch, even just for this!

There are a few more exciting facts in this video, about the wonderful world of Disney, but I won’t spoil them all for you! There’s so much information crammed into a 7 minute video, what more do you want? Why not check out the video, you can see for yourself the new exciting attractions heading to the Disney parks very soon! Here’s the Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8Vc5Gfk18Y

Let me know what you think,
Emily Jane