Shopping Haul: Loving Pink!

Hi Guys!

So sorry I haven’t posted in so long I have been very busy and had so much going on in my personal life so I’ve decided to have a little break from it all. But I’ll be back with lots of new and exciting posts at the beginning of next week hopefully – I cant wait to share with you what I have been up to! I thought I would share a little ‘Shopping Haul’ from this week. I really cannot stop spending money lately, it’s all I’m doing with my spare time, whether it’s online or me hitting the shops in person. This month I seem to be loving pink! All of my purchases have been pink in some way. So I thought I would share my ‘Pink Shopping Favourites’ from this month with you:




Pink Striped Top, £12.99 NEW LOOK – I fell in LOVE with this top as soon as I saw it. I loved the design and it was the perfect shape and style for my body type, so I had to have it.

Pink Purse, £11.99 NEXT – I have needed a new purse for so long now and I tend to be very fussy about them! This one is just ideal for me, the right amount of pockets and a separate part for all my change.

Pink Body Spray, £6.00, NEXT – I’ve always thought the smell of this particular body spray is gorgeous ever since I worked at NEXT 2 years ago but I never got round to buying myself one, so this month was the time!

Nail Varnish, £5.99, SUPERDRUG – I’m loving pink at the moment so I had to have a new pink nail varnish, of course!

Pink Body Lotion, Free, SUPERDRUG – I got this free with my nail varnish and it just happened to be pink. What a surprise!

Pink Candle, £3.00, NEW LOOK – I got this candle in the summer sale at New Look and it smells absolutely divine!

Mug, £2.00, B&M – I’m drinking endless amounts of tea at the moment and this mug caught my eye when I was browsing this weekend.

I mainly did the post to practice some photography but I guess it works as a good shopping haul too! I’m certainly loving pink at the moment, I wonder how long it will last!?

Keep smiling,
Emily Jane

12 Things I Love.

I thought I would share 12 of my favourite things, to give you a little insight into the person I am..

I LOVE Disney. From the films to Disneyland, EVERYTHING about Disney. I know some people will find it very childish but I think Disney is aimed at adults too! It’s something I enjoy, I love everything it represents and it always cheers me up when I am feeling down.
Pigs are my favourite animals. I really would love to have my very own little micro pig! I even gave up eating pork when I was 12 and I haven’t eaten any since.
Photographs hold memories and help you remember special events, and I love that. I take photos of literally everything to help treasure all my special memories.
Its always nice to be around someone who is always positive and always happy, it brightens your mood and always makes me smile.
5. PINK 
I love everything pink. Nearly everything I own is pink, not a tacky pink though, obviously!
I am well known for loving my crisps. Any flavour, any time, I could eat crisps all day long.
I love a good chick flick. Although they sometimes present a unrealistic view on life it’s still nice to dream and think that life is how it seems to be in the movies 🙂
I love Sherlock and I love Benadict Cumberbatch. I watch the series over and over. I love everything about it. The storylines, the actors, the graphics, everything is just amazing!
I really enjoy looking into home decor and the new trends within interior design. I really can’t wait to get my own house just to decorate it and make it a home.
I have visited quite a few places in my life but not as many as I would have liked. I love reading about other places in the world and I am currently planning lots of little trips to see as much of the world as I can.
I really enjoy watching and creating media. I have a degree in Media and I really enjoyed every aspect of it. I learnt so much about such a fascinating subject and I am so excited to make a career within the industry.
I like to make sure I always look after myself. Nicely washed hair, fresh make up, perfect nails etc. It’s something I feel to be important to help with your self confidence. If you look good, you will feel good 🙂

So there they are 12 of the things I personally love, what are your favourite things?

Comment below,
Emily Jane