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I hope that you can join me on my new move. I promise lots of new content, I have so much planned already! I’ve taken this week to completely concentrate on my blog and I am so proud of what I have achieved. I have learnt so much and I can’t wait to continue on my blogging journey. 

I hope you will stick around and follow me on this new adventure. I just want to say thank you so much for following ‘alittlebitofeverything’. I will always love this site for getting me started on something that I have come to love. 

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Emily Jane xo

BLOGMAS #3: Christmas Markets.

Super late one tonight as I have had a crazy busy day, really sorry! Christmas isn’t Christmas without a trip to a Christmas market or two, (or three) in my eyes! I love the feel of a Christmas market, it’s a great way to get yourself and your loved ones into the Christmas sprit. It’s the start of Christmas for me, me and my family always try to visit one before we put the decorations up so we can buy new decorations for our house and then we tend to visit others throughout December too. We love our Christmas markets! I’m even looking at going to a ‘proper’ German Christmas market in Germany this year!

Last weekend I went to Chatsworth Christmas Market with family. It was a really great day, with so much on offer. Unfortunately it was the last weekend of this particular market but they all seem to be pretty similar. Ive got a few pictures from the day, they aren’t brilliant as I always find it hard to take them of Christmas markets as its so busy! (Doesn’t look busy I know, this was right at the beginning!)

Today we visited Lincoln Christmas Market, it was fabulous! By far the biggest and best Christmas market I have ever been too. The smells of spiced orange, mulled wine, Christmas trees made it feel super Christmassy from the start. The amount of absolutely adorable little stalls was overwhelming! It was amazing!! There was so much on offer, your typical Christmas treats such as baubles, plaques, ornaments, scarfs, cheese, candles, jewellery, Christmas wreaths etc etc. Absolutely anything you can think of that is related to Christmas, they had it! There were hundreds of stalls scattered round the beautiful city of Lincoln. Walking down all the little cobbled streets with Christmas music blaring out with a glass of mulled wine in my hand was another highlight of the day. The selection of food on offer was great too! So much to choose from from your German sausage to your pork pies! It really was a fantastic morning out, which has really put me in the Christmas sprit. Again I didn’t get many pictures but here’s a few from the day..

I highly recommend going to a Christmas Market near you if you can, even if it is only for an hour or two, your guaranteed to leave feeling super festive! I’ve done a little research and found out that the following Christmas markets are still running ..

Londons Winter Wonderland 

– Birminghams Frankfurt Christmas Market 

– Manchester Christmas Market

– Sheffield Christmas Market 

– Leeds German Market 

– Bath Christmas Market

– Winchester Cathedrel Christmas Market

– York Christmas Market 

(I’m sure there will be others too) Try this website, all you need to do it enter your location:

Or if your feeling adventurous there’s always the ‘proper’ Christmas markets over in Germany. I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping I get to go! I’m also going to be visiting the Leeds German Market and Londons Winter wonderland in the next few weeks which I’m super excited about!

Have you been to any Christmas markets yet? I’d love to know which ones you think are the best, I have one spare weekend leading up to Christmas so I may be able to fit one more in 😋

22 days to go..

Emily Jane xo

Best Night of the Year: Bonfire Night.



Hey! How was your bonfire night? Did you get all wrapped up and enjoy the best night of the year? I certainly did! I really LOVE Bonfire night, I love everything about it. The fantastic fireworks displays, the food, the bonfires, the treats, everything!! I even love the smell in the streets on such a loved night of the year. This year I went to After Dark in Sheffield and I absolutely loved it! It was such a great night. The fireworks were spectacular: Some of the best I have ever seen!!!
I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos from the evening and also some of the things I love about Bonfire Night..



The amazing Colourful Firework displays; every year they seem to get better and better! The new shows where the fireworks match up to the music perfectly are just something else. It is a real talent and such good entertainment. It makes the fireworks even more spectacular!

The Warm Bonfires; Again they get bigger and bigger each year, it’s like everyone is in competition to get the biggest fire. The bonfire last night was huge and there was nothing better than the warm fire on your face when we were stood in the freezing cold.

TOFFEE APPLES; You cannot have bonfire night without a toffee apple. Toffee apples are what bonfire night is about right?! Ha! I really do look forward to my yearly dose!

Getting all wrapped up; I love getting all wrapped up to head out on bonfire night. It’s the one night of the year where people bare the cold to enjoy the entertainment.

Bad Food – again you have to have a big greasy burger or hot dog when you visit a bonfire event, yeah?! Also the amount of sweets on offer is amazing! Candy floss, fudge, nuts, toffee, they are what make bonfire night!

Being with Family and Friends; all being together celebrating just makes the night even more enjoyable.

Sparklers; I love sparklers, so much fun even if you are an adult!

The Smell; the smell that lines the streets on bonfire night is fantastic! Everyone knows that smell.


There are so many reasons why I LOVE bonfire night! Do you love it too? I’d love to know why! There really is nothing better than being all wrapped up, with a toffee apple in hand, in front of the bonfire watching the fantastic fireworks display. I wish I could do it all over again, until next year!

Bye for now,

Emily Jane xo