Best Night of the Year: Bonfire Night.



Hey! How was your bonfire night? Did you get all wrapped up and enjoy the best night of the year? I certainly did! I really LOVE Bonfire night, I love everything about it. The fantastic fireworks displays, the food, the bonfires, the treats, everything!! I even love the smell in the streets on such a loved night of the year. This year I went to After Dark in Sheffield and I absolutely loved it! It was such a great night. The fireworks were spectacular: Some of the best I have ever seen!!!
I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos from the evening and also some of the things I love about Bonfire Night..



The amazing Colourful Firework displays; every year they seem to get better and better! The new shows where the fireworks match up to the music perfectly are just something else. It is a real talent and such good entertainment. It makes the fireworks even more spectacular!

The Warm Bonfires; Again they get bigger and bigger each year, it’s like everyone is in competition to get the biggest fire. The bonfire last night was huge and there was nothing better than the warm fire on your face when we were stood in the freezing cold.

TOFFEE APPLES; You cannot have bonfire night without a toffee apple. Toffee apples are what bonfire night is about right?! Ha! I really do look forward to my yearly dose!

Getting all wrapped up; I love getting all wrapped up to head out on bonfire night. It’s the one night of the year where people bare the cold to enjoy the entertainment.

Bad Food – again you have to have a big greasy burger or hot dog when you visit a bonfire event, yeah?! Also the amount of sweets on offer is amazing! Candy floss, fudge, nuts, toffee, they are what make bonfire night!

Being with Family and Friends; all being together celebrating just makes the night even more enjoyable.

Sparklers; I love sparklers, so much fun even if you are an adult!

The Smell; the smell that lines the streets on bonfire night is fantastic! Everyone knows that smell.


There are so many reasons why I LOVE bonfire night! Do you love it too? I’d love to know why! There really is nothing better than being all wrapped up, with a toffee apple in hand, in front of the bonfire watching the fantastic fireworks display. I wish I could do it all over again, until next year!

Bye for now,

Emily Jane xo 

Autumn London Trip.

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago now, me and my family spent the weekend down in our fantastic capital city: London. We had a fantastic time, I LOVE the city and everything it has to offer. I want to share with you everything we a got up too, in the hope I can inspire you to go down south and experience the crazy busy, but wonderful city.

Method of Travel to London: Coach £15 return each, from Sheffield to London. £80 cheaper than the train! How amazing is that?!

Where we stayed: Travelodge- Waterloo. Great place, super clean, great location and extremely friendly staff.



Places we visited: London eye, The Embankment, Leicester Square, M&M World, The theatre

BEST part of the day: Getting fantastic, extremely cheap theatre tickets for ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and of course seeing the show itself: it was out of this world!!
Method of travel: Black Cabs

Food Places visited: Bella Italia

Something we learnt from the day: Always ask for directions!



Places we visited: Oxford street, Huge Disney Store, Trafalagar Square, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Tower Of London, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, War museum.

Activities we did: River boat cruise, went to see ‘Matilda’

BEST part of the day: Riding around on the tube and being proper tourists.

Method of travel: The Tube

Food Places Visited: Bella Italia (I know again! London was packed, everywhere was booked up, but we do love Bella Italia and managed to get in there.)

Something we learnt from the day: You have to do a lot of walking to visit all the main attractions, and wear comfortable shoes next time!


Places we visited: Covent Garden, Trafalhar Square (for a parade), the cutest coffee shop.

BEST part of the day: Finding my new favourite drink- vanilla hot chocolate!

Method of Travel: Black Cabs

Food places Visited: Greggs

Something we learnt from the day: Black cabs aren’t cheap.



– Spending time with my family and all being together.

– Taking lots and lots of photos.

– Touring around such a fantastic city with so much history to learn about.

– Both theatre trips as they were both equally AMAZING!

– Riding around on the tube.

– Having time away from ‘real life’, to relax and do what we like.


6 Things I would RECOMMEND when visiting London:

– Buy theatre tickets on the day of the performance, it saves you so much money. And get them from a little ticket booth in Leicester Square.

– Wear extremely comfortable shoes.

– Use the tube to travel – £6.50 for the day to travel in zone 1 (the touristy places!)

– Visit M&M world- it’s like chocolate heaven!

– Go on a boat cruise, you learn so much and see things you never would on land. And you can take some amazing photos!

– Go and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda in the west end! (Blogs to follow reviewing each show!)

I really do hope this post has inspired you to visit the fantastic city! There really is so much to do and learn and I can guarantee you will have a great time. We certainly had a really lovely, jam packed, weekend down South! I really hope to visit again soon! I’ve shared some of my snaps too, I hope you like them. 🙂

Have you visited London lately? Can you recommend any places I can visit next time I visit? I am fascinated with the city and would really love to learn more, let me know below..

Take care,

Emily Jane xo

HAPPY HALLOWEEN- Trends & Treats: Part 2

Over the years from being little, I have always created my own Halloween outfits, whether it be with the help from my mum or on my own as I have got older. I find it so much fun, so much better than buying a ready made outfit, it gets you in the Halloween spirit too. Here are my top inspirations this year, not too sure which I would have picked as I love them all!

1. Doll – I went as a doll three years ago when I was at university but after seeing this costume I know that I could put together an even better doll now! How great is this outfit, the makeup is great too.

2. Old Nurse – I wouldnt usually like going as something like this, as I wouldn’t like to go as a ‘sexy’ nurse. This is an old fashioned nurse which looks super creepy which I think is fantastic!

3. Dead fairytale character – I love all fairytales and of course Disney so I would consider going as one of these characters but definitely make them dead!! I would do great face makeup and definitely rip up the costumes to get that scary look.

4. The Shining Twins – These twins terrify me in the film and I would love to go as one of them, partnered with someone else, one year!
What are your favourite costumes this year? I am aware that there are my treads about but have you gone for something different? Let me know below.
Mores coming..

Emily Jane