BLOGMAS #2: Yankee Candle Advent Calendar.

This year I have spoilt myself and bought a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar and I am SO excited to try all the new Christmas scents! Apparently I will be getting a different scented tea light everyday so I’ll let you know what I get at the end of each BLOGMAS post.

Yesterday I got ‘Spiced Orange’ and today I got ‘Winter Glow’. I absolutely love the smell of spiced orange and will definitely be purchasing a bigger sized candle of it in the near future. I think it is such a perfect idea to let you try out different scents before you commit to buying the larger candles, as they are quite expensive. I was going to go for a beauty calendar like everyone else this year but I thought this one was a little different and I have been absolutely loving my candles at the moment. My bedrooms covered in them so why not add more?! Ha!

There are four different versions available of the Yankee Advent Calendar this year and you can still buy them now; Your not too late! This is my advent Calendar:

I bought it from boots for £25 but you can now purchase it on their website, for £13.33!!! Go get that bargain!

Holiday Party Advent Calendar.
Holiday Party Special Advent Calendar.

You can purchase the Holiday Party Advent Calendar and the Holiday Party Special Calendar for 25% off the original price on the Yankee website itself!

Yankee Candle Advent Carousel.

Finally, you can purchase the Yankee Candle Advent Carousel on Amazon for £40.00, a little pricer but you do get bigger candles!

I really love my advent calendar this year, it gives me a little treat to look forward too each day of December. I also have a Lindt chocolate advent calendar, as you just have to have a chocolate one, no matter how old you are, right?! 😉

What calendar have you got this year? Any unusual ones out there?

23 days to go..

Emily Jane xo