Cyprus ZOO.

We visited the zoo while I was in Cyprus. We saw some fantastic animals and I wanted to share some of my photos with you.

I was so excited to see the elephants as I have never seen one in real life before, and I really love them. The Tigers were pretty cool too, quite scary at times when they were pacing up and down the cage. I was so surprised by some of the animals I saw, I wouldn’t have thought it was the right environment or temperature for some of them.

Here are some of the photos I took. Some are not brilliant as they were in cages but I did get some great ones too!

IMG_0553 (2)
* The Elephants having a little giggle!
IMG_0559 (2)
*He wouldn’t stop pacing up and down the cage!
IMG_0651 (2)
* I really wish I had paid to feed these amazing animals.
IMG_0660 (2)
* I think he wanted to escape!
IMG_0534 (2)
I couldn’t get him to turn round.
IMG_0588 (2)
This little fella is so adorable!
IMG_0578 (2)
He was trying to eat me! Cute little baby cub 🙂

Only a short post this one, everyone knows what zoos are like, so theres not much to say about it, ha! I just wanted to share some of my  favourite photos from the day. I hope you enjoyed them!

Emily Jane