Jennifer Niven. 

Having absolutely loved Jennifer Nivens book ‘All the Bright Places’, I decided to jump onto the Internet to try and find out more about her and her other books. I actually came across her own personal website, where I learnt so much about her and got some fabulous tips too! She’s definitely helped me on my way to wanting to be a writer!

Jennifer Niven started writing at a very young age as her mother was a writer too. She started off by writing songs, poems and short stories and in 2000 she became a full time writer. She has written 9 books so far and is working on her 10th. She also runs a website called ‘Germ Magazine’, Where people can send in entries. It’s for anyone to share their writing, a really great idea which came from her book ‘All the Bright Places’.

Jennifer Nivens books

Holding up the Universe

All the Bright Places

American Blonde

Becoming Clementine

Velma Jean learns to fly

Velma Jean learns to drive

The Aqua net diaries

Ada Blackjack

The Ice Master

It’s important to keep yourself stimulated and challenged creatively’ – Jennifer Niven.

One of the most important things I learnt from her website was that when she writes a book she immerses herself wholly. She listens to music from the time period, watches movies of the same genre, reads books the characters would read and creates a soundtrack with songs that relate to the story. How impressive is that?!? She also said her number one top tip for new writers is to:

Write & read, work hard. Learn to love editing and write what inspires you and what you love.’ – Jennifer Niven.

She’s also written a ‘Nivens guide to writing’ which you can read here - But heres the low down, in the way I have interpreted it;

1. A book should not be too long

2. If you are bored writing then your reader will be bored reading.

3. READ: it opens your mind and gives you ideas.

4. Focus on one chapter at a time.

5. Give yourself a daily word count.

6. Let yourself feel the emotion your writing. Let yourself cry.

7. Be willing to write garbage – don’t try to be perfect.

8. Know when to let the book go.

9. Stay calm and breathe.

10. Learn to take the critique

11. When you write, write! That’s all that should be going on in your mind, no distractions!

12. Write a book you would like to read: write what inspires you.

I am so thankful to Jennifer Niven for all her advice, I’m so happy I came across her website. I will make sure I keep up to date with her magazine website too, to find out even more about the fascinating industry she works in! Check out her website:, it’s great!

Also give her books a read, All the Bright Places is my new favourite book, and I really can’t wait to read some of her others.

Emily Jane xo

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