Why I love Autumn.

With us being well into Autumn now, and it being my favourite time of year I thought it would be ideal to share with you why I love it so much! Everyone seems to love Autumn but here are my 12 top reasons why..

Colourful leaves make beautiful photos– Over recent months I have become to love photography and I have always loved photos. I have come across the most beautiful pictures of Autumn and taken some great ones too.

Bonfire night – Who doesn’t love Bonfire night? A night with family and friends all wrapped up watching spectacular firework displays, eating lots of treats and staying warm by the fire.

Hot drinks – I love hot drinks all year round but in Autumn they become so much more important. So many new drinks are available, this year I am loving my vanilla hot chocolates!

Snuggling up in thick blankets – Nothing beats snuggling up in front of the TV on a cold evening with a big fluffy blanket. The ultimate comfort for a cold Autumn day.

Autumn fashion (especially boots & coats) – I love the colours Autumn fashion brings, all the maroons, greens, browns;my ideal clothing colours. I have a slight obsessed with boots too, I have them in all different styles, one for every day of the week 😉

Thick scarves – Big cosy scarves are a must have in winter. They are stylish and most importantly the key to keeping you warm on the cold Autumn days.

Halloween – I’ve loved Halloween from being little, that one day where you can dress up all scary and it be acceptable. I love creating my own outfits and letting my creative side run wild.

Colourful bright lipstick – Autumn is the only time bright lipsticks really becomes appropriate and I just love them. Well I am wrong there really, it’s where I think it’s the right time to wear them. I love a good bright lip.

Candles – I LOVE candles all year round but they become more important in Autumn in keeping us warm too. They look so pretty and smell devine. I have a slight obsession with buying candles, you should see my bedroom!

Longer Nights – I like the darker evenings, it makes me feel like I have more time to do what I love and relax. It gives you a sense of ‘home time’ and a great Autumn feel.

The Food – Lots of cakes and puddings are allowed to be eaten to keen warm in Autumn, the added pounds don’t matter! What’s a little baby fat when it comes to Autumn/winter ey? Ha! Toffee apples, and lots of chocolate are my personal favourites.

The Start of Christmas – The best until last! I LOVE CHRISTMAS, and I get so excited so early on. Autumn makes you aware that Christmas is on its way and I love that. The lead up to Christmas is always the best.

These are my reasons, what are yours? Autumn may not be your favourite time of year but what do you like about It?

Emily Jane xo

Hello September!

We are finally coming up to my favourite months of the year!! I’m so excited that Autumn is just around the corner. I know I’m weird right?! I just love everything to do with Autumn. I love the darker nights, snuggling up in a warm blanket with a creamy hot chocolate and the fire on; That is my idea of perfection! I love the scenery, the warm clothes and of course the different celebrations Autumn and winter bring! A lot of people prefer summer and enjoy the hot and longer days but I prefer the cold! Don’t get me wrong I do love the sun but I think it doesn’t help when you are going about your everyday life. I hate the feeling of being all sweaty and hot when I’m trying to get things done, ha! I just LOVE Autumn so much!

I am incredibly excited to start getting my jumpers, scarfs, hats and fluffy socks back out. I love getting all wrapped up, enjoying a long walk with all the Autumn leaves by my feet. Ahhhh I’m so happy we are at this time of year again! And as for the fashion that comes with Autumn; Knee high boots, Wooley big coats, fluffy jumpers etc and all the maroon and green colours that will soon be reappearing! I can’t wait to update my winter wardrobe 😁

Ive had a really bad month of blogging, I’m pretty disappointed in myself as I have done so much and had lots to share with you. Ive just not felt up to it, no motivation at all. I’ve just been looking through my blog and browsing through bloglovin’ at others  and realised just how much I love it and how much I love the world of blogging. I really want to be a part of that! I just realised where I want to be and looked at how much I have achieved in so little time and it’s brought all my motivation back! So, with the start of my favourite season just around the corner, I’m going to try something new! My plans for this Autumn are to get back into it, but this time im doing it properly, I’m back bigger than ever! I’m going to do my research and learn even more about blogging. I’m going to start doing more of what I enjoy and love and work towards making this blog a success. I AM going to make this work and I’m super excited!

I was looking through Pinterest this morning for inspiration, and I came across lots of photos that have inspired me to go out and practise more of my photography too! And what better way to start than to take pictures of the beautiful season of Autumn ey? I have lots of ideas planned!

I’ll leave you with this quote today, it’s something that’s really helped me, particularly today..


I am so excited for the next couple of months. So much to look forward too. There’s my favourite, bonfire night coming up and of course CHRISTMAS is just around the corner! You can expect a lot more blogs from me, I’m feeling super positive, I have a new plan to make myself a much happier and productive person! I can’t wait to share..

What are you looking forward to this Autumn? Got any plans? Or are you just excited for the dark nights, the fashion that will reappear and wrapping up warm, just like me? Let me know..

Happy Autumn!
Emily Jane.