The British Soap Awards.

I thought I would do a post about last weeks Soap Awards just because I love soaps and want to share my opinions on the winners! I have got to start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS EMMERDALE! I am so unbelievably happy and proud that they won best soap, we did it! It was a long time coming, and fantastic that they finally won it. I’m not bias or anything ha! but they really do deserve it! John Middletons acceptance speech was so beautiful and humble too, he is such a lovely man.

BEST SOAP Emmerdale
– Yay! As I have mentioned above, they really did deserve this award this year. The storylines have been amazing. The writing of every episode and the acting has been outstanding lately and has really stood out over the others. I have always liked all soaps but Emmerdale has become one of the best soaps recently in my opinion. It explores so many important issues that are captured brilliantly to portray real life events. It’s just fantastic!

– Danny Miller is such a talented actor, he 100% deserves both of these awards. He has had a really challenging story to contend with and I think he has handled and played it brilliantly. He has definitely stood out this year which makes him perfect for this award. Well done Danny!

– Again Lacey Turner has had such a powerful storyline to deal with over the past year and she has played a superb part. Mental health is such a tricky and sensitive topic and she seemed to play it perfectly. She’s helped raise awareness in making people understand what some people do go through. I’m so happy Lacey was recognised for her outstanding performances.

– What better person can this go to other than Phil Mitchell? An iconic, fantastic character which has been one of the most popular soap characters for years!! Not really more to say about this other than he really does deserve it for playing an amazing part for so many years! Congratulations Steve!

– I am so pleased for Patti Clare. She really is a funny lady who isn’t always recognised for her hilarious one liners and silly little sayings. She really does bring some happiness to Coronation Street and Mary her character is fantastic, Patti Clare plays a great part.

BEST ON-SCREEN PARTNERSHIP Joe Duttine & Sally Dynevor
– Although I do think they work so well together on screen and they are hilarious, they weren’t my favourite of the nominees. I would of course liked to have seen ‘Robron’ (Danny Miller & Ryan Hawley) win because they are from Emmerdale but I do actually think that Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright should have won this one because they are just fantastic together on screen. I would say they are the best double act the soaps have had in years. They complement each other perfectly and come across as a real couple and you can’t get better than that in my opinion. Everyone wants a romance like theirs!

BEST NEWCOMERBonnie Langford
– I was absolutely gutted that Isobel Steele didn’t win this award. She is great and has settled into her part so well at Emmerdale, at a young age too! She plays an excellent part and has really brought her own to the character of Liv. In my opinion Bonnie Langford has won enough in her time, I think this should have gone to Isobel!

– It was a real shame that Amelia Flanagan didn’t win again this year but I guess it is nice to let other people have a chance. I can’t really comment on this winner as I don’t watch Hollyoaks, but I’m pleased they managed to pick up some awards.

– This award was very much deserved. Connor McIntyre has played a great part as nasty Phelan in Coronation Street. People are actually scared of him off screen as we know what he’s really like and the people on the street have no idea! He plays a very frustrating but compelling part really well.

– YAY! So so happy Emmerdale won this! This storyline was actually one of my first on Emmerdale and I was so lucky to experience it. The acting was just outstanding and the scenes were written brilliantly. Charley Hardwick really did deserve to get an award for her exit, it will definitely go down in history!

– Again I can’t comment on this as I don’t watch Doctors but I’m so happy they won at least one award! I really was gutted that Emmerdale didn’t win for the Summer Fate episode though!

– Eastenders mental health storyline with Lacey Turner really was fantastic! They handled such an important topic so well and portrayed it flawlessly. I’m so glad they won this award and were recognised for it!

It really was a great evening watching all the little playbacks from the last year. A lot of people look down on soaps and think that they are amateur but they do all have brilliant actors in my opinion. Not all actors can keep a character alive and learn script after script on a daily basis! I think the persona of soaps really does need to change, they all explore such important real life issues which everyone can relate too. And this is why they continue to grow and affect people’s lives.

Did you watch the soap awards? What are your opinions on who won?

Bye for now,
Emily Jane

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