BLOGMAS #6: Christmas Books. 

I have come to love reading over the past few months, I always have a book in my hand lately. I find it so peaceful as it allows you to escape from real life for a bit and enter a different world. With it being fairly close to the start of December, I wanted to share with you some of the best Christmas books I have come across whilst browsing on ‘goodreads’. You still have time to finish a book or two before Christmas so here are a few ideas to give a go..

A Winter Flame — Milly Johnson 

      – This is my ideal book. Set around a winter wonderland about a couple that fall in love. The perfect story in my eyes.

Wrapped up in you — Carole Matthews 

       – This one doesn’t seem like a book that will be too Christmassy but a story about a girl who goes to find herself on the holiday of a lifetime around Christmas time sounds good to me.

A Christmas to Remember — Jenny Hale 

       – This sounds like such a heart felt book about childhood Christmas memories, the importance of family at Christmas time and also a hint of love.

Calling Mrs Christmas — Carole Matthews 

       – This book seems so realistic and relatable with it being set around a lady who is struggling to get work and decides to use her talents and love for making Christmas decorations to make a new business. Of course it’s another book that includes a bit of romance along the way too!

12 days of Christmas — Trisha Ashley

      – This is about someone who hates Christmas but begins to love it when she realises what it is all about. Sounds like a really great read!

Check them all out on to find out more about each of the synopsis’. I’m about to start ‘A Winter Flame’ and I’m so excited to read all about Christmas to get me into the sprit.

Are you reading any Christmas books this festive season? Let me know what your enjoying below.

19 days to go..

Emily Jane xo

*IMAGE NOT MY OWN – from the front cover of the book: 12 days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley.