NEW Camera Kit.

As you all may know by know, I have recently started learning about photography, and I’m now ready to start putting what I have learnt into action! I have spent a lot of time reading and researching into what equipment I need to improve my photos but most importantly protect my camera when I am out and about taking photos.

Having found out what I needed I went online to try and find the items. I have come to understand that photography is a very expensive hobby! But I also found out with the certain small accessories I need, it has been said that it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have the top notch brands, you just need them to simply protect your camera. So, with being a new amateur photographer, I decided to try and find the cheapest option available, there’s no point spending too much money if you don’t need to right?!

I headed to eBay, where else do you find things for cheap?! With my camera being new I didn’t really want to buy second hand products, but I still found them for cheap brand new! Here’s what I bought …


They came as two different packages, one from a company called ‘Sentik’, and the other from a company called ‘K&F concept’, which is quite a well known camera accessory online shop.
In the first package was a camera lens cleaning kit with a hurricane blower, microfiber brush and a cleaning cloth. (All pictured above) This kit was only £4.29, what a bargain! This kit speaks for itself really it is needed to keep the lens clean, to protect it and of course keep your photos as clear as possible.
In the second package there are UV CPL & FLD filters which came with their own little case, a lens hood, a cleaning cloth, a lens cover string and a keeper pen set. (All pictured above). This set was a little pricer at £15.99, but still very cheap when you compare it to other brands or if you were to buy each item separately. The filters are used to again protect the lens from any damage, if dropped or hit against something. The UV filter doesn’t change the image at all, it’s just a layer of protection for the lens. The other two however, change your image by working with light in different ways. (I need to do more research on these, they came as an added extra, I only wanted the UV filter really!). The lens hood is used to help make your photos better as it blocks out unwanted light, making your image stronger and balanced. I made sure I got a 58mm set too, as I have a 18-55mm lens at the moment.

I hope this post has been of some help. Good old eBay saves the day again! I can’t wait to try out my new little accessories tomorrow. Do you have any advice on anything else you think I need to protect my camera or make my images better? I know that a tripod is definitely on the cards soon! Let me know below.

Bye for now,
Emily Jane