HAPPY HALLOWEEN- Trends & Treats: Part 2

Over the years from being little, I have always created my own Halloween outfits, whether it be with the help from my mum or on my own as I have got older. I find it so much fun, so much better than buying a ready made outfit, it gets you in the Halloween spirit too. Here are my top inspirations this year, not too sure which I would have picked as I love them all!

1. Doll – I went as a doll three years ago when I was at university but after seeing this costume I know that I could put together an even better doll now! How great is this outfit, the makeup is great too.

2. Old Nurse – I wouldnt usually like going as something like this, as I wouldn’t like to go as a ‘sexy’ nurse. This is an old fashioned nurse which looks super creepy which I think is fantastic!

3. Dead fairytale character – I love all fairytales and of course Disney so I would consider going as one of these characters but definitely make them dead!! I would do great face makeup and definitely rip up the costumes to get that scary look.

4. The Shining Twins – These twins terrify me in the film and I would love to go as one of them, partnered with someone else, one year!
What are your favourite costumes this year? I am aware that there are my treads about but have you gone for something different? Let me know below.
Mores coming..

Emily Jane