HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Trends & Treats: Part 4 

I’ve saved the best until last! You can have a party without the special little Halloween food treats can you? I’ve never tried to make any Halloween food but if I had the time I definitely would have tried! Why don’t you give these a go and add them to your buffets tonight? They seem pretty simple. There’s some cheeky drinks in there too!

1. Word cookies – these are very simple but look great and you can write whatever you wish on them.

2. Pepper Pumpkins – cut out the faces and then fill with chicken strips and anything else you desire, they look fantastic and probably taste good too.

3. Chocolate bats – how cute are these, made with just Oreos and reeves cupcakes and jellies for the eyes. Get making these cuties.

4. Needle shots, shots, shots – something different to enjoy your shots. I absolutely love this idea.

5. Carrot pumpkins – a little healthy treat to add in there ha! I’d only use them because they look cute no other reason!

6. Vampire blood cocktails – enough said COCKTAILS, who says no to cocktails?

7. Strawberry ghosts – these ones are strawberry ghosts which I would love but I thought you could always turn them into marshmallow ghost instead if you prefer a more naughty snack.

I really wish I was having a party to make all these treats. Please let me know if you get round to making any, I’d love to see a picture of them on your Halloween table too!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Emily Jane



HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Trends & Treats: Part 3

My mum used to throw the most amazing Halloween parties when I was younger but I actually haven’t been to a Halloween party is so long! I have just been out to the local pub or the nearest night club the past 5 years. I would love to throw a party, maybe it’s something I can plan for next year. Are you throwing a party this year? I have some little DIY ideas I have found that you may want to use tomorrow night, check them out, they are all so clever!

1. Floating Witch Hats – this is a very clever idea. All you need is some string and a load of cheap witches hats from pound land. You could also add a light up battery candle too to make them even more effective.

2. Painted Pumpkins – a new trend this year instead of carving your pumpkins is to paint them in different colours and patterns. I Love it!

3. Witches Legs – this is a great idea, either at your enter acne or you could do it hanging down from your loft!

4. Halloween Wreath – why does have a Christmas wreath? Make a Halloween one too! Just look how amazing this one is. Everyone will definitely know where the party is with this on your door.

5. Floating Candles – you have to get something Harry Potter in there and this is perfect for your hallway. So simple yet so effective.

6. Chicken Wire Ghosts – I bet these look fantastic in your garden. The idea is that they look like ghosts hovering on the lawn, the chicken wire glows in the dark, so so clever.

These are just a few of the best ideas I found, check out Pinterest for many many more if your struggling for ideas. What do you think? Let me know if you decided to use any.

One more to go, it’s a good one I promise!

Emily Jane xo


HAPPY HALLOWEEN- Trends & Treats: Part 2

Over the years from being little, I have always created my own Halloween outfits, whether it be with the help from my mum or on my own as I have got older. I find it so much fun, so much better than buying a ready made outfit, it gets you in the Halloween spirit too. Here are my top inspirations this year, not too sure which I would have picked as I love them all!

1. Doll – I went as a doll three years ago when I was at university but after seeing this costume I know that I could put together an even better doll now! How great is this outfit, the makeup is great too.

2. Old Nurse – I wouldnt usually like going as something like this, as I wouldn’t like to go as a ‘sexy’ nurse. This is an old fashioned nurse which looks super creepy which I think is fantastic!

3. Dead fairytale character – I love all fairytales and of course Disney so I would consider going as one of these characters but definitely make them dead!! I would do great face makeup and definitely rip up the costumes to get that scary look.

4. The Shining Twins – These twins terrify me in the film and I would love to go as one of them, partnered with someone else, one year!
What are your favourite costumes this year? I am aware that there are my treads about but have you gone for something different? Let me know below.
Mores coming..

Emily Jane