Autumn Lipsticks.

I wanted to try something new this Autumn, I’ve always done my makeup then same and I just wanted to mix it up a little bit. So, I’ve bought some darker lipsticks and I’m loving them! I was so worried about them not suiting me and thought I would end up hating them but I think they look great! I thought I’d share with you my top favourites, (I’ve tried so many!) to see if you fancy giving them a go.

They are all from the Rimmel collection as I know that I am okay with their products. I have such sensitive skin so I don’t like to risk it with others. I mean, why should I when I have so many beautiful colours to choose from?!

My personal favourite is from the ‘Kate’ collection within Rimmel which is a lovely Maroon colour. It looks adoreabke on and matches with pretty much every outfit. This particular shade is number 107.

Next we have number ‘128’ from Rimmel London which is a gorgeous plum colour. This one actually has a name too: ‘Starry-eyed’. Although it’s harder to match with your chosen outfits I really do love this colour. It makes your lips stand out and it’s something a little bit different.

Finally, I’ve chosen a more lighter purple which is number ‘180’. This is one I had last year that I wore all the time so I’m happy to finally have it back and I look forward to wearing it again. I got so many compliments with this lipstick last year, it’s beaut! It is actually called ‘Vintage Pink‘ but it comes out more purpley!

What do you think? Will you be giving any of them a go? Have you tried any new dark or bright lipsticks this year, I’d love to find some more.

Take care,

Emily Jane xo