HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Trends & Treats: Part 1.

Seen as I haven’t had any plans this Halloween and have nothing to show of my own, I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite Halloween treads and party treats. I have found most of them whilst browsing on Pinterest this year. (My new favourite site!). I made time to carve a pumpkin this afternoon but that’s it this year unfortunately, I’m just so so busy! I’ve always loved Halloween so I had to post something. I’m going to split them over a few posts, during today and tomorrow, so keep a look out 😁 enjoy!

My Top 6 Halloween Makeup! 

I personally think that everyone should dress as something scared for Halloween, I think there are plenty other fancy dress nights where you can dress in other things. Halloween is all about being scary in my eyes.

1.Bloody Zoobie – I love this look. It’s bery simple yet very terrifying. The perfect scary makeup!

2.Cracked doll. – this design is freaky in its own way. Some may say it’s not very scary but I am absolutely terrified of dolls!

3.Freaky clown? – I HATE clowns, but I love how different this, how amazing is it?

4.Half Skeleton – This makeup is very popular this year: a great, effective idea. I particularly love the extension down the neck on this one. Something different.

5.Vampire – how horrendous is this one? You wouldn’t want to see someone with is painted on their face out in the dark would you? It’s great, I love it!

6.Colour Surprise – I know I said I prefer scary makeup but this is freaky in its won way. I particularly love the hair on this one. A more fun freaky look.

I would definitely have gone as one of these this year, what were your favourites? What do you plan to go as tomorrow? Let me know below, I’d love to find some new ideas.
keep checking back for more…

Emily Jane