I went Strawberry Picking!

I’m back bigger than ever and ready to share with you everything I have been up too in my much needed break from blogging; I’m so excited to be back after lots of planning, new ideas and new motivation to continue what I love. Hello again!

Just a tiny post to start.. A couple of weeks ago now I went strawberry picking for the first time! I can’t believe I had never been before then, I loved it! I know it sounds funny but I felt great picking my own food that I will eventually eat ha! I’ve got to admit I did leave it really late this year and did actually end up going on the last weekend available to strawberry pick, can you believe it? I do think it made it much more fun as you really had to search for the very last ones. It made it more of a game.


We went to Eastfield Farm in Tickhill. It is a lovely little business which grow everything you can think of, from strawberries to gooseberries. They even grew their own sunflowers which I didn’t know about until I was home! I even saw plenty of pumpkins in the fields, being prepared for October!

We also bought some fresh vegetables whilst we were there from their onsite shop which are available all year round. Real carrots with their green leaves still on and everything. They were absolutely gorgeous, they are always 100% better when you buy them fresh! Visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/EastfieldFarmSoftFruit/ to check out everything they have to offer.

Well I can say that I have ticked off my first activity on my GOMO (going out more often) bucket list! How are you getting on with yours?

Take care,
Emily Jane