BLOGMAS #20: Festive Nails

I wanted to do something different today, I was going to do a Stocking Filler post but I have read so many this year, so thought it might be better to do something different. As most of you may know I get my nails done monthly and I am having my festive ones done tomorrow, I’m so excited! So I thought I would share with you some of the ideas I have come across whilst I was browsing for myself. I’m bet lots of you out there are considering having festive nails!

I personally go for a rounded nail every time, but no matter what style you decide you can pinch the different designs here..

This are simple yet fantastic. I think these are the ones I will be going with this year. They are so cute!

These aren’t too Christmassy but are classy and include a bit of sparkle so I wouldn’t say no for Christmas! I love them!

I’m not keen on the shape of these ones but like I say the design can be used on any nail. I like the idea of having two separate nails that are a different design/colour. And again I love the sparkle!

I have loved the fade nails throughout the year but I love the added snowflakes on this design for Christmas. These ones are adorable!

These are obviously for very talented nail technicians! It amazes me how someone can go into that much detail on a tiny nail! Maybe a little too different and out there for me, but it doesn’t make them any less special for Christmas.

A little less complicated than above and extremely Christmassy! The perfect nail for the festive celebrations.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to go for tomorrow! Does anyone have any other ideas for me?

5 days to go..

Emily Jane xo

Cheap DIY Nails.

Recently, I have started doing my own acrylic nails because I no longer wanted to be paying over £30 to have them done every three weeks! They used to grow out so quickly and it used to irritate me so much when I had paid a lot for them. So about a month ago I decided to buy my own and try it myself. And to be honest, I am pretty proud of the results I have got. I’m actually not too bad at it if I do say so myself! Ha! I’m getting perfectly good results for around £10, give or take depending on what nail polish I use.

I bought ‘Kiss 100 Nail Active Oval’ nails from Superdrug for £6.49 (Link below). As it says on the box, you get 100 nails of all different sizes and also special nail glue. I think this is a great buy, as you can get lots of sets out of pack. This is particularly helpful if your nails tend to grow fast and you need to replace the nails more often, just like mine! These nails are really easy to apply, you simply find the nails that fit each individual nail and then place a small amount of glue on the back of the nail, and then hold tight on the requires nail for 1 minute to secure properly, and it’s as simple as that! Repeat that until you have done every nail.

I found the perfect nail varnish in Superdrug too! Rimmel have brought out a new ‘gel nail’ collection which requires two steps to the application of the nail varnish. You choose a colour you would like as Step 1 and then their is a special top coat gel layer that you can now buy as Step 2. Here is the colour I chose and the new ‘Super Gel’ top coat now in stores..


 I would 100% recommend it, it gives a really nice shiny finish which in my opinion helps to make your nails look more realistic and professional. I have had so many compliments on my nails recently, and people asking where I have had them done, and they have all been extremely shocked when I have said I did them myself. Here a picture of the finished result..

*the photo really doesn’t do them justice!

I am pretty proud of them like I say, and if people think they look like I have had them done professionally then that’s good enough for me! It is saving me so much money too.

Why not have a go yourself?! Here’s a link to the nails I bought at Superdrug:

Let me know if you have a go, I’d love to see some pictures too ☺️

Speak soon,
Emily Jane