New Nike’s.

Last week I was doing some research into how I can improve my feet comfort throughout a long week at work, working 12 hour days. I came across a tiny, little trick that seemed to be popular on the Internet! I found out that it isn’t very healthy for your feet to wear the same shoes all week. Your feet seem to mould to the shoe you precisently wear, causing pain to your feet because your feet are too used to the shoe. I know, I didn’t believe it either! But I was completely wrong, it must be true. It advised that you alternate your shoes throughout the week so that this doesn’t happen, and you know what, after only a weeks trial I can say that my feet feel so much better already! Who would have thought by just buying a new pair of trainers to alternate with my others that i would solve my achy feet problems.

Last weekend I decided to buy some new trainers, so that I could try out this trick ( I was desperate to try anything, and I needed new trainers anyway!). After lots of research into the right pair to buy, and plenty of hours in so many shops, I decided on some NikeFlex TR 6 trainers and I love them! I first tried them on in the Nike store in Meadowhall, but I personally thought they were a little pricey for my needs, so I went to see if other places had them. Guess what! Sports direct of all places had the exact same ones but for £30 cheaper! Winner, winner ey! Here they are, how beautiful are they..


I am not a trainers lover, I am really not. I am definitely not the type of person to wear trainers on a regular basis, but I must admit these ones are ideal for me and the nature of my job (I’m on my feet 12 hours a day, so I need super comfy shoes). I would much rather wear a sandal, if I’m honest, but sometimes you have to give in to what you want to wear for comfort! They are obviously not the best Nike trainers you can get, but they are perfect for my personal needs, and are super super comfy! I don’t need them for running, just a comfy sole for a long days work.

I personally love how these trainers look on; They don’t look massive and clunky on your feet which most trainers do and they fit like a slipper! So unbelievable comfy, it’s like walking on air! They are so light and comfortable whilst also looking great, what more can you ask for? I am so happy with my purchase.

I bought these like I said from Sports Dorect, for £49.99 which was in the sale! They have a massive Summer Sale on at the moment, so if you all looking for some new trainers, for work or for personal use, then I recommend going down to your nearest Sports Direct or check them out online here People usually seem to avoid places like Sports Direct for a good pair of trainers as they feel they are too cheap but I don’t think people realise that they are just the same shoes in the branded shops just sold at a better price!! Forget about where they are from, save abit of money and get the same trainers for cheaper, no one knows where they are from when you have them on your feet. Get down to Sports Direct now!

 Have you seen any bargains on trainers lately? Let me know,

Take care
Emily Jane