Rio Olympics 2016.

Hi Everyone, I’ve had a really busy week this week. I’ve had some time off work which has been amazing but I’ve had plans everyday so Im still feeling pretty tired! What have you been up to? Having heard about all the celebrations that went on around the country yesterday to celebrate the outstanding achievement of team GB at the olympics I thought it would be only fitting to do a post about the most successful Olympic Games for Great Britain! History has been made!

Yesterday was a big UK Sports day! Different cities around the world put on events where anyone could go and try a sport for free. I didn’t personally get involved as I already had plans but what a great idea that was. I hope it has incouraged more people to get involved in olympics sports.

Well then, what can I say about this years Olympics?! They were just spectacular, it was outstanding from start to finish, I have absolutely loved watching them. And to be quite honest, I am gutted that they have finished. The two and a bit weeks seemed to fly by! The opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular in my opinion. I particularly loved the opening where they showed the different stages of Brazil’s evolution, it was extremely interesting.

I am so incredibly proud to be British right now, 67 medals!! How AMAZING is that! And for 27 of them to be Gold too. A huge congratulations to all althletes involved! Personally, my favourite sports to watch were diving, synchronised swimming, cycling, gymnastics and general swimming. I loved the skill that had to go into these sports. I’m not saying there isn’t any skill in any others, I just prefer to watch the type of skill that goes into these particular sports. They all fascinate me! I sat there in awe every night, quite jealous too, ha! The strength, ability and hours of training that each and every althlete had to put in to be at that standard really did show throughout all the sports. I did enjoy watching the majority of the sports if I’m honest though! The sports that didn’t really interest me were taekwondo and fencing. I just didn’t really understand what was involved or what they had to do, so maybe that’s the reason why I avoided them.

I have definitely been inspired to try out more sport. I’ve been looking into places in my area that run badminton classes and I’m looking forward to starting. That’s as far as I’m willing to go for now I think, I’ll try one sport at a time ey! Ha! Are you interested in trying any sports? Let me know what you have been inspired to try out..

Ta ta,
Emily Jane

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