Melody Maison.

Hi guys!

I hope you have had a really lovely weekend! I’ve had a super busy one for a change, I have been very productive. I’ve visited family which is always lovely, done a spot of baking, been shopping, played around with my camera and watched countless amounts of catch-up TV. I’m sad that the weekend is almost over, it always goes way too fast!

Yesterday me and my mum visited the cutest little shop in Doncaster called ‘Melody Maison’. We have been decorating all of our downstairs and we were looking online for quirky little ornaments to match our new decor, and we came across their website and absolutely loved it! We were thrilled to find out that their shop was in Doncaster and only half an hour away from us, we just had to pay a visit!

The shop is in a very remote area but very easy to find with a Sat Nav. Its very well signposted too: you couldn’t miss the design of the building, with the huge ‘Melody Maison’ writing on the side. It is quite possibly the most beautiful shop I have ever visited. Although quite small, it is a lovely little showroom. All their items were set out beautifully, I could have honestly looked round all day and would have kept on noticing something different every time: there was so much to see! We felt like we couldn’t touch anything even when we wanted to buy it, we didn’t want to ruin the gorgeous displays! It was quite frankly mind blowing, so many different ornaments, lanterns, jugs, flowers, tables, lamps, boxes and so much more.

I’ve taken some pictures of the things me and mum picked out for our home. I love every single item so much! Take a look..







I have got to say that the shop is now one of my favourites, its just the perfect shop for me. I am obsessed with home decor and this shop is just so me! I just wish i had my own house so I could buy more! There were so many different, unique home ornaments you would never usually think about having in your home. I just LOVE IT!
You can check out their website here:, but for a better look at the absolutely beautiful items they have on offer, I would recommend visiting their shop as soon as you can, I can promise you will not be disappointed!

Bye for now,
Emily Jane