POP UP Cinema.

Last weekend me and my sister went to a Pop Up Cinema Event at Whirlow Farm in Sheffield. This particular showing was ‘The Lion King’, one of my personal favourites! The evening was set up by The Village Green Events Company who are based in Sheffield and the North. I had heard about the company from a friend and I couldn’t wait to give one of their events a try! And I absolutely loved it, it was a great experience and such a fun night.

It was £12.00 a ticket which basically secured you a seat at the screening and it was worth every penny. The screen was set up in one of the barns which on its own seemed to be such a great idea but a highlight for me had to be that we got to sit on deckchairs! How amazing is that! There were over 200 of them set out in the barn waiting for the film lovers to arrive.

This was taken before it started showing the pop up screen.

We arrived around 7:00pm and the farm was already buzzing. We were greeted at the front gate by two lovely ladies that welcomed us and explained where we needed to go, they couldn’t be anymore welcoming and kind to us, it was very nice to see. There were three separate businesses outside the barn selling food and drinks too. There was Street Food available from Whirlow farm themselves, ‘Nether Edge Pizza’ and ‘Livvys Ice Creams’. Me and my sister went for the pizza, of course! Who wouldn’t when it’s one of those little fire ovens that’s making it?! Everyone knows that pizza always tastes better cooked this way! This was another great moment of the night!

We really should have arrived earlier but we wasn’t aware of just how popular the event would be! We finally found two seats which were ideal for us with the perfect view. We sat down, with our pizza and snuggled up with a blanket to watch the film, which started at 8:30pm. What more could you want on a Saturday night ey?!

The atmosphere in the barn was fantastic! Everyone singing along to the well known Lion King Songs and in general having a ball. I would say everyone in the room had a great night, everyone even cheered and clapped at the end. It was really lovely to experience such a high sense of community between everyone.

The experience was just great, it was something completely different to anything we have ever experienced before and I will definitely be attending again! It was just my idea of a perfect night out. A Disney film, pizza, snuggled up on a deck chair in a unique and completely different location, it was fabulous!

Huge congrats to ‘The Village Green’ Team, they put on a really outstanding night which was enjoyed by all. I really cannot wait for the next one, I can’t recommend them enough. If you want something different, something unique to attend, and a real night to remember, make sure you visit their next event!

Take care,
Emily Jane