Hairspray the Musical.

A couple of months ago I went to see ‘Hairspray’ at the Lyceum theatre in Sheffield. It was absolutely brilliant! Fantastic songs, spectacular talent and outstanding performances. I was tidying out my drawers today and found the programme so I thought I would share my experience. They are still currently touring around the UK and it is definitely something I would recommend going to see. I have always loved going to the theatre but I have to say this is one of my favourites. It took me back to my childhood as I used to watch hairspray on video, over and over!

The cast were absolutely outstanding. Clare Sweeney and Tony Maudsley were the only well known personalities, all the others were unknowns. However, every single member of the cast were flawless. Freya Sutton who plays Tracy Turnblad voice was out of this word: she really is one very talented lady! Clare Sweeney was hilarious, she played a fantastic part, From seeing her on other things on the TV, I never would have thought she could be so funny. She definitely was the star of the show and really stood out for me. All the actors really fit their characters perfect and all had great voices!

I love all the music in the play but Good Morning Baltimore has to be my favourite. It’s a really fun- loving song that really gets stuck in you head. I did actually download all the songs when I got home as I was so impressed with the talent. The songs really did have you dancing around and having fun.

The costumes were all fabulous too. All fitting perfectly to the themes and surroundings of where the story was set, in the 60s. I loved the style back then, with the big hair and flashy attire. One thing I would say was that the characters did seem to stick to the same outfits for the majority of the show. It would have been nice to see a variety of different outfits, to show off the 60s look. But then again, I can see that they would have wanted to stick to what the original film had done.

The story that hairspray explores is extremely powerful, as it tackles some very hard and touchy subjects. It does however present them in a great way, that really makes you think about important issues around the world. Definitely a film that I would recommend watching, it really does make you stop and think.

If you see that it is coming to your home town soon, I would highly recommend trying to get your hands on some tickets. I can promise you a really great night, full of singing and dancing!

Take care,
Emily Jane

*image used is not my own.