A Much Needed Spa Day!

I haven’t been feeling 100% lately, I’ve felt really uptight and not really myself so what better way to release tension and feel super relaxed? That’s right! I went on a much needed SPA DAY! It was exactly what I needed and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I have felt so much better and a lot more relaxed ever since.

I went last Tuesday to Mercure St Pauls Hotel in the Sheffield City Centre. I hadn’t been to this particular spa before but it really is a lovely one; I will be going again! I felt unbelievably happy, relaxed and well looked after throughout the whole day and the fact I was in a very posh hotel for a very decent price made it even more amazing! I paid £39 for the day which included a 25 minute treatment, refreshments on arrival and full use of the spa facilities. How amazing is that?

On arrival at the hotel we were approached by two lovely receptionists that couldn’t do enough for us, they offered us a hot drink and then took us on a quick tour of the spa facilities.
The spa facilities were heavenly, very well maintained, extremely clean and very classy! In the main section of the spa there is a large pool which had plenty of seating placed around it, a rock sauna, a steam room, a Aroma therapy room (which is like a scented steam room), a ice igloo room and an experience shower which had three different unique settings available. They also have 8 spa treatment rooms with lots of different treatments on offer. I had the ‘time for me’ package but they do have lots of other packages available, take a look: http://www.spanaturelfitness.com/spa-treatments-and-experiences/experiences/


Being able to have a casual swim and make my way around all the different rooms at my own pace was just what I wanted. I have never felt so relaxed, all my worries disappeared and I kind of felt like I was in a big bubble; It was just perfect!
I had a back massage as my 25 minute treatment and I can honestly say it was the best massage I have ever had. I have always had problems with my back due to dancing for a young age and this particular massage made it feel the best it has felt in years. I will be having another one very soon!

I highly recommend you attend St Pauls, I can garantee a great, relaxing day that will leave you feeling refreshed. Check out their website ‘http://www.spanaturelfitness.com/spa/sheffield-st-Pauls’ and for even better offers to attend this particular hotel check out ‘Spabreaks.com’!

Bye for now,
Emily Jane