Zoella: Girl Online.

Hi guys! How’s your week been? I’ve had an extremely busy week at work, but it’s been a really fantastic week. Recently I have been watching more YouTube videos online and getting to know more about the more popular you tubers. Zoella who is one of the most popular ones has become one of my favourites. I’d only watched the sacconejolys before but I’ve broadened my searches now!

Zoella has her very own book collection that has been out for a few years now, and I decided to give them a read. ‘Girl Online’ is the first and ‘Girl Online on Tour’ is the second. The books are aimed at teenagers and are very simply written books, but I still really love the concept and story, it’s right up my street. People may think I’m too old for these stories but oh well I love them! They are one of those books that you just can’t put down, that’s what you want from a book right? And guess what!! To my surprise this week, I found out that her latest and the final instalment of the series has been released this week. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it, I’m so excited to find out what happens to what have become some of my favourite teen fiction characters.

The books follow a young girl named Penny who is a shy and quiet girl who is an online blogger. Her parents are wedding planners and she gets to go on a holiday of a lifetime to New York. She meets the guy of her dreams, Noah and their story goes on from there. The first book concentrates on them getting through their relationship with a huge shock problem they are faced with due to social media and the second book is about them going on tour together. I won’t say anymore other than it really is a fantastic love story.

I don’t want to ruin it too much with what to expect from the books with there being one book left in the series but the themes and issues this book faces are great. Online trolls, the importance of privacy on the Internet, anxiety and tough love are just some of the great themes this book explores. They are all touched with such sincerity and really do leave you thinking about them and life in general. It really is a fantastic series and I’m so so excited to find out what happens next.

So if your looking for a nice simple read, definitely give this series a go! I can’t wait to start the final book, I got my copy yesterday! I’ll be sure to report back on what I think.

Bye for now,

Emily Jane xo