Wedding Fayre – Millennium Gallery: Sheffield.

Last weekend I visited my first Wedding Fayre in Sheffield at the Millennium Gallery. It was so adorable and I even shed a little tear! I can’t believe I hadn’t been to one before as I was in my element, I loved absolutely everything in the room! It has actually opened my eyes to something different I could potentially get involved in; I would love the job of planning weddings on a daily basis. 

I would highly recommend visiting a Wedding Fayre if you are planning your wedding as it had absolutely everything on offer, whether it be just for ideas or to secure something special for your wedding day. I also learnt so much from speaking to so many different people. It is a great way to gather information, get contacts and understand everything that is needed to be planned for a wedding. 
There were lots of different unique stalls on offer which stood out to me:

PHOTOGRAPHY: There were quite a few different stalls dedicated to photography companies who all had their own little unique style. It was interesting seeing all the different types of photos on display and also finding out how important it is to get to know your photographer personally and to have a good relationship with them so you can create the best photos possible for you. This was the best part of the day for me, I love photography and I loved talking to all the professional photographers. This is something I would love to do myself in the future. 

FLOWERS: One company called ‘thebloomboxcompany’ introduced us to the best idea! They had Fake Flowers on offer that came in a little box. They were absolutely beautiful! I’ve always thought that you spend so much money on flowers for them to die in a week or so, but these you get to keep forever!! They seemed to be so popular and are something I would definitely think about when I get married.

PHOTO BOOTHS: There was one photo booth at the event which offered your typical comical shot but there was one very unusual item on offer too. It was a giant mirror that took group photos; an interactive mirror which printed out photo booth like photos!. It was amazing! You could check how you looked before the picture was taken so I think this is a fantastic idea. I’m sure this would go down a storm at a wedding!

FAVOURS: One particular favour stall stood out to us which was offering little lip balms and lip scrubs. I loved it, a really cute idea which was something everyone could use too. I even bought one as a sample and it makes my lips feel amazing. I love supporting small companies. 

FLASHY LIGHTS: These seem to be the ‘in’ thing at weddings at the moment. There were a few companies which offered big lettering that lights up and sparkly lights for the dance floor and walls. These are an added bonus to a wedding in my opinion but they did look beautiful on the photos. 

There were also many stalls offering decorations with loads of different themes, lots of cars you can hire, cakes in all different shapes and sizes and companies that make personalised rings. It was a really great event that I thoroughly enjoyed! I can’t wait to go to my next one with my friends.. 

Have you been to any wedding fayres recently? I’d love to know of any new and unique things you found! Let me know below.. 

If you haven’t been to a wedding Fayre and you are getting married soon, go to one near you as soon as you can; You will leave feeling inspired and incredibly happy, I can promise you that! 

Emily Jane xo

*image is not my own: from google images. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures! 

Cyprus ZOO.

We visited the zoo while I was in Cyprus. We saw some fantastic animals and I wanted to share some of my photos with you.

I was so excited to see the elephants as I have never seen one in real life before, and I really love them. The Tigers were pretty cool too, quite scary at times when they were pacing up and down the cage. I was so surprised by some of the animals I saw, I wouldn’t have thought it was the right environment or temperature for some of them.

Here are some of the photos I took. Some are not brilliant as they were in cages but I did get some great ones too!

IMG_0553 (2)
* The Elephants having a little giggle!
IMG_0559 (2)
*He wouldn’t stop pacing up and down the cage!
IMG_0651 (2)
* I really wish I had paid to feed these amazing animals.
IMG_0660 (2)
* I think he wanted to escape!
IMG_0534 (2)
I couldn’t get him to turn round.
IMG_0588 (2)
This little fella is so adorable!
IMG_0578 (2)
He was trying to eat me! Cute little baby cub 🙂

Only a short post this one, everyone knows what zoos are like, so theres not much to say about it, ha! I just wanted to share some of my  favourite photos from the day. I hope you enjoyed them!

Emily Jane

A Day at the Farm.

Yesterday, I visited a local farm at Graves Park in Sheffield. I’ve got to say that I’m not really a lover of animals but I had heard about the new borns and I really wanted to go and see them. I was feeling quite mixed emotions actually as I am absolutely terrified or all kinds of birds so the chickens/ducks/turkeys were not good for me at all! But then I adore pigs so I was really excited to go and see the new born piglets. The main reason I wanted to go was to get some pictures with my new camera and I think I got some great snaps. I’ll post some of them below and you have to let me know what you think.

Graves Park really is a great place. It has a farm that stocks all kinds of animals, a large playground, a cafe/restrauant, a lake and lots of grassy fields. It’s a really great day out, especially for the little ones and the best thing about it is you only need to pay for the parking. Everything else is free! How good is that?

Right back to my farm trip: The piglets were 100% my highlight of the day! They were absolutely adorable. When we first got there they were fast asleep but we hung around and finally got to see the little cuties running about in their little pen. Their mother was called Matilda and she was a first time mum! Here she is with her little babies..image

She was a very grumpy looking pig haha! Maybe she was still getting used to having her little piglets around. When the piglets woke up they were all ready for a feed. It was so fascinating watching them trying to feed on the mother. Piglets have very poor vision until they are around 2 months old, so it seemed like a very hard task for them to feed at the moment! Today was like a little lesson, we learnt so much about the new borns. Just look how adorable this is..


The baby lambs were cute too. They were awake the whole time and were also feeding. They were all still really wobbly on their feet, it made them even more adorable. The farmers were numbering the sheep and their infant to make sure they stay together. Apparently they have to stay by their side for at least four weeks before they can be separated. This little one was really struggling to stand up..


It was great seeing all the other animals too. I took way too many pictures but here are a few of my favourites.. Enjoy!

*This big fella thought I had some food for him!
*Merrrrr, not another picture, go away!
*Strike a pose, moooo!
*How cute are this little family?!
*This little cutie was all on his own, I wanted to taken him home!
*This deer didn’t stop eating
*Oooo quick let’s all get together and have a picture, cheeeese!
*My person favourite, how cute?!

What do you think? Do you like animals, have you visited the farm recently?

Feel free to leave a comment,
Emily Jane