BLOGMAS #13: Christmas Treats.

Last weekend I had planned to do some Christmas baking to share on my blog as part of BLOGMAS but I never got round to it as I was so busy! Everything seems to take over at Christmas time and you don’t always have time for the little things. So instead, I thought I would share with you some of the best recipes I have come across on Pinterest this year. I hope to give some of them a go closer to Christmas when my family arrive.

White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies: These look so pretty and simple to make too! The recipe is very clear and looks very easy to make. I will definitely be trying these out! Check out the recipe here:

Brownie Christmas Trees: These look delicious. I love brownies every month of the year and I have never made my own so I would love the challenge of making these for the first time. check out the recipe here:

Reindeer Sugar Cookies: My cousin actually made some of these last weekend and they looked amazing! They look like something that could be done really quickly too, take a look at the recipe:

Chocolate Cinnamon Buns: I absolutely love Cinnamon in anything, so I will definitely be doing these for Christmas Day. I may even have them as a dessert instead of Christmas pudding. The recipe is here:

Chocolate Orange Cookies: Everyone loves chocolate orange so these have got to be delightful! Give them a go:

So there are my favourite Christmas treats I have come across this year, what are yours?

12 days to go..

Emily Jane xo

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