Squashing FOMO, Achieving GOMO: Eventbrite.


To say I’m quite new to the world of TV and working as a freelancer, I have been so busy with work lately. Don’t get me wrong it is absolutely brilliant and I am so incredibly lucky but at the moment I feel it’s all I ever do and think about. I don’t have much of a life outside of work, but that is about to change for the better! I love my job and that won’t change but I am going to start getting out more and enjoying myself. I’ve realised that I need to stop living for work, and I’m so excited to start doing more things for myself and getting out more often. I have recently teamed up with Eventbrite, the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world, to help with their summer campaign of SQUASHING FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and promoting GOMO! (Going Out More Often). I’m absolutely thrilled to be involved!

I’d say we all suffer from FOMO at least once a week! I know I definitely do. I hate looking through my social media sites, most days actually, to find people posting photos of themselves out and about enjoying different events, holidays and social gatherings. This is why I’ve decided I’m going to SQUASH FOMO this summer and work towards GOMO. Why wouldn’t I when its the new trend this year?

I’ve done my research online and come up with a list of events that are going on in my area which I would love to attend. Obviously I still have to work over the summer, but I’ve made sure every weekend is jam packed with different things to do. No more sitting in front of the TV and lounging around doing nothing! I’ve planned out my weekends and I’m excited for my new adventures. Here are a few of the events I plan on attending in Yorkshire:

– CHATSWORTH Food Fair – 28th – 30th July 
– POP UP Cinema – The Village Green – THE LION KING – 30th July 
– ‘Summer evenings in the garden’ at CHATSWORTH 12th- 27th August
– North Leeds Food Festival – 20th August 
– BAKEWELL Baking Festival – 13th- 14th August 
– CHATSWORTH Country Fair – 2nd-4th September 
– Harrogate FLOWER SHOW – 16th- 18th Sept 
– PENISTONE Show 2016 – 10th September 

I’ve also come up with my very own little ‘Summer Bucket List’ that I have promised myself I will complete by the end of the summer, I’ve added some spice to my plans! Why not try them out yourself..

1. Go Strawberry Picking 2. Start a New Sport 3. Go to the Yorkshire WildLife Park
4. Watch some Live Theatre  5. Arrange a Family BBQ 6. Go the the Horse Races
7. Picnic In the Park  8. Enter more Photography Competitions
9. Visit the Seaside for the day 10. Go to GoApe 11. Go to a Themepark
12. Have a Spa Day  13. Book a Last Minute Holiday 14. Bake 12 different Recipes
15. Create a Scrapbook of my adventures!

Are you interested in banishing FOMO and making summer 2016 all about GOMO? Then you should visit Eventbrites website and look at all the events they have on offer. You can simply type in your location, date and any particular events or categories you may be interested in and you will be faced with everything that’s happening around you. Eventbrite, also allows you to sell your own tickets for an event your planning too, so what more could you want? You will never be faced with FOMO again! It’s definitely the website you need to be on ASAP!

I certainly plan to purse the GOMO campaign this summer because it’s all about saying yes to going out more often, enjoying yourself and making the most of life and that is exactly what I really want and need to do! What do you think?

Make this summer your best one yet!

Emily Jane