Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

As I have mentioned before, whilst we were in London a couple of weeks ago we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The show was spectacular! I’ve got to say that it is the best live theatre show I have ever seen. I’ve seen quite a few growing up but none of them beat this production. From the set design to the acting everything was just suberb! The Director Same Mendes has put together a truly fantastic production and I really do think it will be a huge loss to the West End when it ends in January 2017!

Everyone knows the chocolate and sweet filled story, who hasn’t heard of the well known Roald Dahl book?! Willy Wonka who owns the biggest, most spectacular chocolate factory has hidden 5 golden tickets in his famous Wonka Bars around the world. The five lucky winners get the chance to visit his factory which has been closed to the public for many years. Verruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop, Mike Teavee and of course Charlie Bucket are the five golden ticket winners who set off on a tour around the remarkable factory. Each character becomes a victim to the factory one by one, leaving Charlie Bucket as the only remaining child at the end. Willy Wonka gives the factory to Charlie which he had intended on doing from the very beginning. It really is a lovely, heart-felt story about a very poor little boy being given the world!

The acting was truely outstanding from all characters. Each actor suited their roles perfectly and played the much loved characters brilliantly. Young Noah Crump who played Charlie Bucket was superb! A great little actor and singer who really through his all into the performance. He even looked very much like the original Charlie from the film too! Jonathan Slinger who played Willy Wonka was the one who stood out to me: he was absolutely fantastic. The way he portrayed the character and carried himself on the stage was mesmerising. His ability to light up the stage every time he appeared was phenomenal: he played a truly great Willy Wonka, with a excellent singing voice, presence and persona. He was 100% my favourite. The old grandpa Joe played by Barry James was another favourite of mine, his wittyness, contagious laughter and hilarious lines were just brilliant!

The stage design including the numerous different sets, lights, sound and props were out of this world. I couldn’t believe how many different sets were used and also how smoothly they appeared and changed on stage. They were done so professionally you didn’t really notice it happening most of the time. Although every piece of set was great, the best one had to be the floating elevator at the end. The scene itself was just so beautiful but the set design, which cleverly showed the elevator flying on stage, was just stunning. All the sets made it feel so real and as if you were actually in chocolate factory yourself! The extremely clever graphics which were used to portray the halls of the factory were also very effective and helped massively to enhance the story. A big thumbs up to the set design crew, definitely one of the most beautifully designed stages I have ever seen!

Another big aspect of the show that stood out to me were the little Oompa-Loompas who were played by numerous people. It must be incredibly had to act, portray a character and even just move about on your knees, let alone dance aswell! All the scenes which included the oompa-loompas were absolutely hilarious and really got the audience moving and jigging along in their seats. The up beat songs and dances from the Oompa-loompas, when each of the five characters came across some trouble in the chocolate factory, were definitely key scenes that stood out to me. I just could not stop laughing, they really were feel-good scenes!

I certainly enjoyed the show and I would say that everyone around me did too. The audience even gave a standing ovation at the end too, so it was a real hit with all members of the audience. I think I experienced nearly every emotion during the performance and I believe that is what makes a great show. It was a wonderful night for me and my family and it is definitely a performance I will not forget in a very long time! The actors were phenomenal, the set was extremely impressive and the overall direction and show was absolutely spectacular! I 100% recommend going to see the show before it ends in January, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed, it is worth every penny!

Have you been to any theatre shows lately? I love the theatre and would love to hear about any recommendations?

Bye for now,

Emily Jane xo

Autumn London Trip.

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago now, me and my family spent the weekend down in our fantastic capital city: London. We had a fantastic time, I LOVE the city and everything it has to offer. I want to share with you everything we a got up too, in the hope I can inspire you to go down south and experience the crazy busy, but wonderful city.

Method of Travel to London: Coach £15 return each, from Sheffield to London. £80 cheaper than the train! How amazing is that?!

Where we stayed: Travelodge- Waterloo. Great place, super clean, great location and extremely friendly staff.



Places we visited: London eye, The Embankment, Leicester Square, M&M World, The theatre

BEST part of the day: Getting fantastic, extremely cheap theatre tickets for ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and of course seeing the show itself: it was out of this world!!
Method of travel: Black Cabs

Food Places visited: Bella Italia

Something we learnt from the day: Always ask for directions!



Places we visited: Oxford street, Huge Disney Store, Trafalagar Square, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Tower Of London, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, War museum.

Activities we did: River boat cruise, went to see ‘Matilda’

BEST part of the day: Riding around on the tube and being proper tourists.

Method of travel: The Tube

Food Places Visited: Bella Italia (I know again! London was packed, everywhere was booked up, but we do love Bella Italia and managed to get in there.)

Something we learnt from the day: You have to do a lot of walking to visit all the main attractions, and wear comfortable shoes next time!


Places we visited: Covent Garden, Trafalhar Square (for a parade), the cutest coffee shop.

BEST part of the day: Finding my new favourite drink- vanilla hot chocolate!

Method of Travel: Black Cabs

Food places Visited: Greggs

Something we learnt from the day: Black cabs aren’t cheap.



– Spending time with my family and all being together.

– Taking lots and lots of photos.

– Touring around such a fantastic city with so much history to learn about.

– Both theatre trips as they were both equally AMAZING!

– Riding around on the tube.

– Having time away from ‘real life’, to relax and do what we like.


6 Things I would RECOMMEND when visiting London:

– Buy theatre tickets on the day of the performance, it saves you so much money. And get them from a little ticket booth in Leicester Square.

– Wear extremely comfortable shoes.

– Use the tube to travel – £6.50 for the day to travel in zone 1 (the touristy places!)

– Visit M&M world- it’s like chocolate heaven!

– Go on a boat cruise, you learn so much and see things you never would on land. And you can take some amazing photos!

– Go and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda in the west end! (Blogs to follow reviewing each show!)

I really do hope this post has inspired you to visit the fantastic city! There really is so much to do and learn and I can guarantee you will have a great time. We certainly had a really lovely, jam packed, weekend down South! I really hope to visit again soon! I’ve shared some of my snaps too, I hope you like them. 🙂

Have you visited London lately? Can you recommend any places I can visit next time I visit? I am fascinated with the city and would really love to learn more, let me know below..

Take care,

Emily Jane xo

My London Trip.

A couple of weeks ago now I travelled down to London to visit a very good friend of mine. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and I also hadn’t been to London in a very long time, so I thought it would be the perfect day out! The weather wasn’t brilliant but we did manage to get around a lot of places during the day. It was a really great day exploring our Capital City and being a proper tourist.

We had brunch at a place called ‘The Caravan’ and it was lovely. It was a really cute, little place which had a fantastic environment and served the nicest food. I had a very unusual meal. The base was beans mixed in with kidney beans with a real kick of spice which I really cannot remember what it was! On top was a fried egg with a side of toast and fried mushrooms. It was completely different to anything I have ever had before but it was delicious.

The nicest brunch I have ever had!

We headed over to South Kensington and visited the V&A Museum and looked around there for a while. We saw some very interesting treasures! We really wanted to visit some of the exhibitions they had on as there were a few based on Photography and Fashion that we really would have enjoyed. But it was really expensive and we didn’t have the time to spend as much time as we would have liked in there, to warrant spending the money, which was a bit disappointing! Knights Bridge was next and we, of course, went into Harrods to have a little browse. I just adore that shop, I will come out with loads of bags in my hands one day!

One entrance of the V&A!

The weather brightened up a bit after dinner so we decided to head to Southbank and walk along the Embankment and across one of the bridges. We visited a few things along the way, including this really cute little beer garden.. We even learnt CPR too!

This was the cutest little beer garden!

Covent gardens was great as usual with all its little markets with so much to see. I just wish I had taken a bigger bag so I could have bought some of the lovely things I had seen. From there we walked over to Leicester Square and visited M&M world. I love it in there and I love M&Ms, we both left with a bag of them which cost a fortune!

I wanted to look around Soho and see where all the bars were, so we walked through china town and into Soho. There wasn’t much to see during the day but it was still nice to see where everyone enjoys a good night out.

Oxford Circus was one of our last stops where we looked around a few of the shops and did a little bit of shopping, to end the day off nicely. I wanted to head back towards Westminster so I could take some more photos, and when we arrived, there were floods of people protesting outside the Houses of Parliament. They were protesting about the NHS, it was great to see everyone come together and share their passion and concern on such a massive topic. To finish the day off nicely we went for tea at Prezzo at Kings Cross station which again was really lovely.

I love Big Ben, such a fascinating building!
The London Eye.

I had a really great day, I really do love London and loved being a tourist for the day! I have promised myself that I will visit more often, so I can learn about and visit different places, there is much I haven’t seen yet!

Have you visited London recently? Do you recommend anywhere I should visit on my next trip down south? Let me know!

Emily Jane